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Management Advisory

Expanding optionality in disrupting businesses can be perplexing and even intimidating--not infrequently freezing management initiative and creativity.  BBD leverages the extensive management experience and exposure to provide intimate counseling and advisory services at C-level, Board-level, and CEO-level in order to inspire greater confidence and sources of differentiation.

Project Consulting

Unlike many consultants, BBD doesn't have its hand in clients' pockets and isn't continually pitching the next project.  BBD will participate in traditional consulting assignments to support discrete projects, but specializes in making the best sense of existing and new projects within the context of optimizing market positioning and outcomes. 

Strategy Development

Strategy development doesn't have to be academic and tendentious; it can be pointed, opportunitistic and expedited--commensurate with market and competitive circumstances.BBD specializes in quickly deriving and assessing effective strategic options and devising paths for expeditious development of products and market initiatives that make a difference.

Idea Brokering

Organizations in the payments and security space often have their own vernacular and perspectives which prevent them from communicating effectively to other industry participants.  BBD provides an effective conduit for broaching sensitive conversations and brokering ideas to potential partners and deployers.  Dialogs can be more open and expressive--while still maintaining confidentiality.

M&A Support/Due Diligence

In the digital and mobile transacting space, startups are proliferating--fueled by billions in investment dollars anticipating market disruption and upheaval in the fortunes of participants.  M&A support--from trail-balloon conversations to due diligence assessments--is a necessary and regular component of BBD services.

Security Evaluation

BBD has been conducting surveys and research into authentication options and protocols for online, mobile and digital commerce for nearly 30 years for firms ranging from major technology providers to numerous startups.  Comparisons of security provided versus utility and convenience offered are standard deliverables.  Steve Mott serves as a Steering Committee member of the Secure Payments Task Force of the Federal Reserve's Faster Payments Initiative, and has worked with industry groups supporting banking and retail security improvements.

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