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Steve Mott has served as an Expert Witness on more than a dozen lawsuits--primarily in patent infringement disputes, but all in violations of commercial agreements and trade secret misappropriations--all in the financial services sector.  Work includes research, consulting, expert report writing and testifying (depositions and trials) on patent invalidity and infringement, industry standards and practices for commercial agreements, and trade secret definition, protection, and valuations.


BBD is a member of the Faster Payment Task Force and the Secure Payments Taskforce, where Steve Mott is a member of the Steering Committtee

Nov 24 2015

This research, survey and analysis assignment seeks to redefine legacy market segments and validate new segments of potential buyers for this client's products, including by the burgeoning FinTech investment community and its host of disruptive startups. 

Nov 24 2015

An innovative client company serves small community banks and credit unions, as well as their service providers, with a large array of transactional capabilities via a cost-saving and efficient SaaS platform.  Two rival companies that provided similar sets of service feature but with far less labor- and error-reducing functionality have been accused of misappropriating the client's trade secrets in order to take the client's customers.  

Nov 24 2015


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